Solar Installations


Does installing a solar energy system make sense in a cold-climate like Pennsylvania?
Yes, because Pennsylvania has enough clear or even partly cloudy days throughout the year, where solar radiation is plentiful. As a matter of fact, Pennsylvania has greater solar capacity than Germany where solar installations are the most abundant and fastest growing in the world.

Is a solar electric system affordable in Pennsylvania?
Yes, progressive state and federal incentive programs, renewable energy certificates, increasing utility rates, strong net-metering support, and ample year-round solar radiance help provide PA homeowners plenty of opportunities to ‘plug into’ affordable renewable energy.
There is an extreme abundance of solar energy reaching the earth’s surface each day.
More energy is received per hour from the sun than we consume on earth in an entire year.
However, to effectively use this solar energy it must be collected, sometimes stored, and converted into a suitable energy form for effective use in particular applications. For residential use, there are two types of solar energy systems in wide use today: Solar PV (Electric) and Solar Thermal (Hot Water) Systems.